Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day of PreSchool

Babe is officially a "Fish", our school's 3 year old preschool class. 

 He was pretty excited walking around saying, "I not a bunny anymore, I a fish". haha!

He loves school and couldn't wait to go play with their toys.  He asked M.E. about 10 times, if I was sure if the fish class had toys.  

 Check out those new red shoes.  His choice and I love them too! 

The cool thing about the Fish class is that they have recess first, so after he put up his backpack & lunch he got to go straight to the playground.  He ran so fast, I could barely keep up and managed this quick picture of him with the lawnmower after about 5 admits to take a picture.  

He was a bit overwhelmed with all the hugs and greetings from his friends.  They all missed each other so much. 

And then there's this cutie.  
This picture is my favorite of the month.  Whatever she is saying, Babe is like, "Seriously?"

The possibilities are endless...

"I pooped in the potty!" "seriously?"... 
"Did you see those bunny's (2 year olds) crying this morning" "seriously?"... 
"I heard we get two slices of pizza for pizza day" "Seriously?"... 
"my curls are natural!" "seriously?"...  
"you know, Mrs. Williams is a nut?" "seriously?"

okay that was funny!  Have a good day! 

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