Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of School

It happened... school started. 
 The traditional before school photo.  Oh how big they are getting.  LG going to 2nd grade and Buddy into 5th Grade. Are you kidding M.E.? I'm a 5th grade parent.  

If we were in KY he would be going to a totally new building. Scary. Although I have fabulous friends at the 5th/6th Center. Now that I think about it, I wish he was going to the 5th/6th Center. *sniff*
Shout out to Mrs. Lynette, Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Nadina, Mrs. Lanetta, and a whole bunch of other wonderful educators there. 

LG was pretty happy to see his friends and get busy.  He's excited for the best year ever - we have a really great teacher this year and we love the short hair!  

Buddy wasn't too happy because the grocery sack we had his supplies in broke and his supplies spilled everywhere. ha.  But he was excited to see his friends and its just a fact - Buddy. Loves. School. and always has - its a good thing. 

Here's a better shot... I actually got a good one of him smiling but its super blurry, I'm assuming Babe must have pulled on M.E. or the camera or something. 

Here's to a good year! 

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