Monday, September 23, 2013

2 big things!

Today has been a busy day per usual for M.E.. After working few hours,  I took Buddy to the dentist where he received his first filling! I can't believe he never complained with a sore tooth or anything but there was a big cavity. Nonetheless he now has a filling. 

He did fabulous and didn't even flench when they gave him the shot and did the work.  I was actually a little surprised because he was very nervous. But he was all good and actually wanted to go back to school.  
After I dropped him off, the van was dead.   I finally managed to get it started and drove straight to Midas right by school and they immediately concluded I had a bad battery.  So I left it there and walked to work then walked back an hour later to a fix and running van. Whew!  

Babe had a mini soccer practice after preschool which is always fun.  Sorry no pics! 

After school we went through LG's homework folder and he had 20 "sticker papers".  We punched out the stickers and he added them to his sticker chart. 
He's at 57 stickers.  18 more and he gets to buy a Lego set.  He's so excited. Go, LG, Go!  

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