Monday, September 30, 2013

Cub Scout Fall Festival

LG had the opportunity to participate in our local Cub Scout Fall Festival recently. He and the Man had a really great time and loved it.  Much Thanks to the Man for all the great photos. 
 Of course, he loved the archeology did and looking for treasures and rocks. 
 I'm not sure what he is excited about here, but isn't he so cute. 
 Story goes, he stepped up and took a throw. 
 Bang! Hit the target and down the boy went! 
 Look at that face! 
 Inside the teepee there was much discussion about our Native Americans and tribes of Oklahoma and the Man said he stayed in there for a long time asking and answering questions.  loved it. 
 Stilt walking. 
 Dart throwing.  He was pretty good at this too! 
Go, LG, Go. 
Loving Scouts! 

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