Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Look Who's Here!

The family is here on their fall break and we are most excited to have them here. 

The boys skipped school on Monday, so we headed to the zoo. 

 We have only been there a few times, but I think I've managed a picture like this each time. 

I'm already envisioning a scrapbook page of each boy here to measure growth and time.  

Ha. Sman is already too big! 

Of course my favorite animal in the whole place is the common peacock that roam all over.  I love them so much and they really got up close and personally with us as we ate a snack.   

I did manage a few animal photos, but a giraffe is a giraffe. Sorry I'm just not an animal person. 
But the kiddos sure did have a great time. 

 We saved the train ride and carousel for last.  Gotta ride the train. 

LG rode a shark. Imagine that!  

Look at this handsome fellow on the train.   

Also Papaw asked if he could drive it.  The conductor said no.  

This is the only decent picture I managed of Babe, he was on the inside loop of carousel ponies and yes, he's on a horse, of course. 

And Buddy is riding the big buck. 

 I really like how each of their choices are so their personalities and that when they were the only three kids on the whole thing, they chose their animals and were no where near each other.  
I liked that independence and knowing what they like. 

Such a blessing to have the family here! 

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