Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Last night was our annual Trunk or Treat celebration at church and was I ever thankful that our new director took the reigns this year. It was so nice helping the boys get ready and take pictures.  Although I seriously need camera lessons.

In the low light of the evening, taking photos in night mode has a way too slow shutter speed therefore any movement of the boys is blurred. And my boys are incapable of NOT moving.

But then when switching to sports mode to capture the action and allowing for movement, the low light still caused them to be blurry. UGH!

So here's my blurry pictures!

Robinhood, Messi (world's best soccer player according to Buddy) and Captain Rex from Star Wars

Babe decided a month ago after watching Robinhood for the 100th time that's what he wanted to be.  I promised to make his outfit, although I didn't actually do so until Sunday.  

The hat and feather, I made from scratch with felt as well as the quiver to hold his arrows.  The outfit is a very modified old peter pan shirt, I had from somewhere and then the bow and arrows I scored at walmart for a few dollars.  woohoo! It took him only one day to actually shot an arrow. oh my. 

Once LG, took a few minutes to think about it, he immediately knew he wanted to be Captain Rex, although I'm not even sure which Star Wars movie he is in. LG would gasp!  

 I've made Jedi costumes, but not troopers, so this was store bought. 

Buddy was hesitant.  He wanted to participate but really didn't have anything out-of-th-box in mind, i.e. Jack O' Lantern last year and nerf bullet before that.  

So he went as his favorite soccer player and it worked out just fine.  They had an absolute blast and it was a nice evening for us all. 

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