Monday, November 4, 2013

Mom & Me Campout

Last weekend was the annual CubScout Mom and Me campout and my 5th one. Wow.  And I have to say these campouts are my favorite.

 The weather was overcast and a little chilly on Saturday morning, but soon warmed up. 

We headed for the zip line first. 

 LG never has any fear of these sort of things.  He just loves it all. 

 New this year was the hamster balls.  Too fun. 

 LG LOVED this and got in line again and again. I think he wound up doing this activity like 10 times.

 Most successful activity was archery. I say most successful because he was really good at it.   With little help or instruction, he got up there, took his time and did his thing. 

 Yep, that's his target. 5 out 6 arrow hit the mark.  There's two side by side almost in the yellow. woohoo!

 BB shooting on the other hand was a complete miss.  Several times, we thought he hit the target, but upon inspection. He had no holes in his paper. 

He wasn't upset. Not at all. 

Supper was good with grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and a spooky hayride.  We had so much fun.  Temperatures dipped into the 40s, like 40 degrees.  It was COLD. But we have great sleeping bags and slept snug as bugs in a rug.  

Here's LG the next morning, getting shoes on for breakfast.  What a fun time! 
Can't wait for my 6th Mom & Me! 

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