Friday, December 6, 2013

It's beginning to look like Christmas!

Well, as much as I love Thanksgiving, LG loves Christmas 10x more!  So we will be making the effort to make this season very Merry and very Bright! It all began this past weekend with a trip to the Christmas Tree Farm.  

It is our hope that staying home this year, we can enjoy a real tree - that is if Babe doesn't knock it over.
 Out at the farm, it was a gorgeous sunny day with a breeze. Perfect for running! 

There's just something special about rows of trees and little boys.  

They had so much fun just running and laughing. There was lots of laughing.  

After much contemplating and wandering...

After studying and measuring...

 After using our general tree knowledge, we finally found one to bring home. 

The Man started the cut.  

LG finished.  

Have I mentioned this boy loves Christmas.

 He carried that tree all the way to the pick-up. 
(the Man helped a little) 

Waiting for the tractor and wagon at pick-up.  
I didn't manage good pictures on the wagon and hay ride.  It was crowded and the sun was in their eyes.  

I attempted to get a cute shot of them back at the barn. 
I said attempted.  First LG was coughing... 

then Babe was rubbing his eyes... 

Then he was making a face and Buddy was done...
It truly captures who they are. Boys!  

The silly shot.  

And because I was the one behind the camera, a quick selfie with my phone. Hi!  

Later that evening, with the wonderful help of LG, the tree was up and lights on.  
Decorations to come! 

Tis the Season! 

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