Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PreSchool Christmas Program

It is always a highlight of the season, the PreSchool Christmas program.  

 This year, Babe and his classmates were sheep.  I know these are alittle blurry. Its so difficult to get a good picture in the church.  And I don't have the steadiest of hands.  

So adorable and a little tired. 

Of course Babe was one of the loudest singers and jingle bell ringers. He is such a little ham.  

My little sheep and M.E.  

Afterwards in the reception, Santa came.  

Babe was seriously beside himself.  
He has always loved mascots, so he couldn't wait to see and talk to Santa.  

He sat right up there with no hesitation at all and just talked and talked. 
I think he finally asked for a train. I was like, huh, a train.  Never heard about that before. hmmm.  

He didn't want to get down. I think he would have hung out there for an hour, if he could.  
So wonderful and fun.  
Now we got to figure out things about this train. 

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