Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Snow

As many of you already know, it snowed last week... yay for the boys.
 This was last Thursday at 11:30 AM, sleet beginning to collect on the deck. 

By 2 o'clock it was full on precipitating and I was getting nervous. Finally LG's school called to say that campus was closing at 3:30, pick up students as soon as possible. So Babe and I jump in the van and get to the end of our street and I realize it was slick. Too slick for M.E. so I called the Man, who then said he'd leave work early and go get LG in the 4W drive. Thankful for that. 

While I was already out I decided to pick up Buddy early (he's schools only a mile from the house). I'm so glad I did.  Apparently half the school had already been picked up, I'm not sure why they didn't call it off early. Anyhow. 

The Man arrived home with LG at 3:30. It was very slick out. 

 This was at 3:45.  This is just as much sleet as snow and the roads looked the same. 

By 7:45 the next morning, we had at least 2 maybe 3 inches on the deck. School was closed obviously.  
It continued to snow,  so out they went to play. 

Snow Angel Buddy. 

 Snow Angel LG.

 Snow Angel Babe. 

I don't know what our official total was but it was something like 4" here.  

 Oh my sweet boys. I'm so glad I manage to get good ski clothes located and/or bought before the snow hit.  They were all nice and warm to play. 

Look at LG's face. Love it.  

LG may be the one who loves Christmas the most, but its Buddy who loves snow the most. LOVES it. He stayed out much longer than his brothers. Just being in the snow and letting it fall on his face.  Its so cool, how their personalities are so different.

The Man took them sledding on Saturday. I keep forgetting to get the pictures off his phone. Maybe tonight - Then I'll post some of the videos he took. Fun times.

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  1. i love how Jack has his arms around his brothers. He is such a good and loving big brother.