Thursday, January 2, 2014

December Daily Part II

So happy with the way this album came together and its now essentially done.

 Day 6 and bonus pictures. 
I thought that Merry & Bright transparency was better suited for this page thus it was backwards for the day 5.   This was the Friday there was a bunch of snow and the boys got a snow day. yay. 

The bonus pictures is just a photo progression as the snow piled on the deck. I love it. 
the top boys photo was taken by the Man with his iPhone, the bottom boy photo was taken by M.E. with the big camera  and all the snow photos were taken by M.E. with my iPhone thru the door. 

Day 7 and 8. 

The Man took all the boys sledding and they had so much fun.  
Both photos taken my the Man with his iPhone. 

Day 8 - honestly I didn't have a single photo for the 8th nor a story that felt right, so I went back and included the art work we made for the mantle. I'm not concerned it didn't happen on this actually date, but I am glad that it got included in the album as it was the only project we did.  

Photo taken by M.E. with my iPhone. 

Added loose sequin to the pocket and sealed it shut with some red line tape. done and done.  

Day 9 and 10  

Again, I didn't have a theme or story for the 9th, so I added in the teacher's gifts.  I included a list of who we got gifts for (blurred on purpose) and then the finished wrapping and an extra tag.  It'll be nice to look back on this simple gesture. and the sequin from the day before worked well.  

Photo taken by M.E. with the big camera and printed at home. 

 Again, this picture wasn't taken on the 10th, but its still a great photo. The Man texted M.E. this will I was at youth group and it was so sweet. I just can't get over how much Babe looks like Buddy. 

Photo taken by the Man with his iPhone. 

Day 11 and 12

I didn't have anything for the 12th so I just used fodder and called it done. 

The day of the Christmas program. So cute! 

Both photos taken by M.E. with the big camera. 

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