Thursday, January 16, 2014

We're Here & Well

My apologies for not blogging.  There's many excuses, but the main reason I have not made it a priority. Work has pretty much consumed my thoughts lately (youth group resumed on Sunday with all 3 programs and no youth director) and so sitting at the computer hasn't been fun.

With that said, lots of stuff is still happening around here.

We really enjoyed our little quiet family time over the holidays so much, we all (the Man and boys included) haven't really wanted to get back into the swing of things. We even skipped out on a few activities last week, just to eat supper together and watch a movie.  

I love that, we all know what's important and yes we made a commitment to soccer and scouts and plans but what we really needed and wanted was to be together at home doing nothing.  So that's what we did and it was so worth it.

After much discussion and procrastination, we finally made a plan for some much needed home improvement projects to happen in 2014.  They are all WAY over due.

First up was the boys bedrooms and sleeping situations.  As you may recall, after Babe turned one and needed a big boy bed, Buddy got his own room with fresh coat of paint and all.  Fast forward 2 years later and all three of the boys are sleeping in that one queen bed. Toys and clothes are scattered all about, so it was time create a more functional room arrangement for all three of them.

So in October we purchased a full size loft bed from IKEA.  Love it. We got the Stora loft bed and developed our own plan for making it work for all the boys and sleepovers.   Here's the link...

And Friday night after finally purchasing new mattresses, we tackled the clearing out and assembly of this loft bed.

I totally wasn't thinking and really didn't get a good before shot.  This one was taken with my phone last week of Babe playing in the floor.  But it gives you an idea. Two twin beds and a book shelf and old school forest green walls. I really wanted this room to get a fresh coat of paint, a nice deep gray. But it didn't happen and you know what? I'm cool with it. Its still masculine and not hideous. 

 Thanks to some Christmas money, we were able to get some really good Serta mattresses, no box spring needed for this project. 

We cleared out the two twin beds and bookshelf and opened the IKEA boxes.  The instruction booklet was 30 pages and it took the Man and I three hours from start to finish to build it. Pretty easy actually and sturdy. 

 Babe was beside himself during the entire assembly. He tried to help on several occasions.    He keeps calling it the treehouse.  Adorable.   Sorry for the bad pics again with the phone. 

The next day, I disassembled my scrapbook cubbies to create a platform for the second mattress and wal-lah we have full size bunk beds that can sleep 4 comfortably.  

We are so completely thrilled with the way they turned out and the fussing about whose touching who and all that night time stalling is over. 

Beds may be done, but we still have lots to-do.

1 - I want to create a reading nook on the left side of the bed, the bookshelf should fit in there nicely. 
2 - The Man has already bought new light fixture to replace this very wobbly and non-functioning ceiling fan. 

In Buddy's old room we are going to put the two twin bed in there, end-to-end, to create a long daybed.  It is our hope to get the legos, toys and Wii U moved to this room plus maintain the extra bed space for when the folks visit. 

Here's the inspiration from, of course I found it on pinterest. 

Our version I'm sure will not be nearly as awesome, but I think we have the resources we need to make it work out pretty well. 

And then there's my scrapbook space that has now completely exploded all over the playroom with the disassembly of my cubbies. 

Its horrible. 
I don't even want to show you pictures. But I will. ha! 

Just got to get it sorted, purge and reconfigured. I'm thinking if I still have paper and supplies from before I had children, I'm likely not going to ever use them, unless I'm in love with them.   Just like clothes some patterned papers do go out-of-style.  
So I've got a box that will go to preschool.  They love all my crafty hand-me downs. 

Time to get busy.  I'll try to take better pictures next time! 

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