Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not so Wise!

On Valentine's Day I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed! 
Yes, I know, I'm very romantic. 
And yes, I am 38 and still have all my wisdom teeth. 

Well, they were all in and there was no need to ever have them removed until I broke one. Yep, broke it bad and the dentist was really concerned an infection was going to set-up so I opted to have them taken out. 


Thank goodness for ice packs and pain meds, because having surgery on your mouth is so not cool. I was hurting. 

I basically laid in the recliner for 4 days with pain meds and soup to keep M.E. going. 
Thank goodness for having the Olympics to watch all day and night.  

Day 3/4 were bad.  It HURT a lot! 

Thank goodness for the Man, who was super awesome at taking care of M.E. and getting M.E. what I needed and keeping M.E. fed! 

By day 5 & 6 most of the swelling was down and the bruises were showing. 
Thanks Babe for the pic. 

Day 8 I returned to the surgeon to have the stitches removed and that hurt again and I was pretty sore until yesterday. 

Today, I'm feeling pretty good. No pain meds, no ibuprofen. Still eating mostly soft foods and resting still.  I lose energy fast, but that may be because I can. Mamaw is here. 

Yep, she flew in the day after surgery to help with the boys and M.E. and has been such a blessing. 
She has done so much for M.E. with laundry, dishes and the boys. I'm so grateful, she could come out. I would probably have an infection and/or be really sick without here having been here. 

Looking for forward to the rest of the fam coming here this weekend. 
I get to see my sister - it's been 4 months! 

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