Saturday, March 1, 2014

WARNING - Dishtowel Required!

The aftermath of our 9x13 glass pyrex dish exploding immediately out of the oven.

The Man baked his homemade calzone and when he got it out of the oven, he sat it on the dry ceramic stove top and POW, it exploded into a million shards of glass.  It shot all the way down the hall and into the living room.  Scary and Crazy. 

And after reading an article about this, sent to M.E. by Elizabeth Dillow, it apparently happens often with pyrex and anchor glassware made in last 20 years.  Apparently, there's also a warning label about temperature change and that the best way to handle it with a dishtowel - always! 

So if I'm to replace this dish, which I used a lot, I'm to go thrifty for an old-school gramma version. 

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