Saturday, February 14, 2015

Scrapbooking Again

This year I mapped out a few creative goals...more details in a longer post but one of them was to create one scrapbook page a month.  I know this might not seem like a lot, but when doing project life full time I really didn't scrap much last year. I think maybe three layouts for the year and that was disappointing.  I want to get more stories in the book for ME.  I like capturing everyday life in project life but I rarely do much writing in that space. 
Although there is not a lot of writing on these pages that I just made , it's more than what was in project life - if the photo was even there at all.  

I found a huge stack of printed photos and chose 5, I think they are all from 2013.  I looked for inspiration mostly on the studio calico gallery and went from there.  I'm happy to say I got three done and it's just middle of February! Woohoo!
I might actually get more than 12. Maybe!  

I like the simplicity of this page a lot. I love how the title came together. 
Although there's no "story" or journaling , I did write a note to Babe on the back.  Something I almost always do.  

Potty training Babe! Such a cute photo - it had to be scrapped.  

Not a good photo of this layout. I was losing daylight.  I have mixed feelings about this layout.  I loved the concept of the large chevron-ish pattern but it turned out to be time consuming and looks like a fish.  Other than that I like it a lot and that photo of Nana is one of my all time favorites.  
It wasn't until I was done, that I realized Babe was in all the pictures. But that's okay he has the fewest pages.  

Here's to more stories, more photos and more memories in the books. It doesn't have to be perfect or even good, it just needs to get done! 

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