Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First Middle School Dance

Friday afternoon, Buddy happily got in the car after school to go home and get ready for his first middle school dance that was 4 hours away.  I was a little surprised at his happiness and eagerness to go a dance.  I would have that he would have been like, Really?

But during the week we had got him some khakis and a nice button up (to match a girl) and tie and even a vest.  He hates shopping, but was insisted on a particular look.  The dance was semi-formal.  "wedding attire"

At 6 we were finally making our way home from errands and picking up some food and he turns to M.E. and says, "Mom, I don't know how to dance."

To which I replied, "you want me to show you?" and I got a head nod.   I wondered if this had just occurred to him right then or if he'd been thinking about it all week.

So after a quick bite to eat, a shower, and got all spiffed-up, we started a quick dance lesson. First was the cupid shuffle, a very common and easy line dance.  He thought it was boring but did it.  I sincerely wish I'd thought to set my camera timer because Ben and Babe were also learning.  So funny all four us  around the computer learning this dance.

Next we slow danced.  Practiced finding the beat and moving in a slow circle, discussing possible conversation topics.  He was a little nervous.

Then it was time to roll.

Pre-dance selfie with Mom.  

And of course, I signed up to chaperone.  Buddy wanted to complain about this, but I think he secretly likes M.E. being available for these new experiences, so I'm gonna be there as much as possible.  We agreed I wouldn't talk to him or take pictures unless he asked.  And honestly I did a great job.  I didn't even make eye-contact.  ha! 

The dance was 90 minutes and I must say that was the perfect amount of time.  And I was surprised at how many kids were willing to get out and dance and often alone those first few minutes.  I love this school, everyone is such an individual and every loves each other.  They celebrate weirdness!  

I had a pretty good time watching that's for sure. Buddy spent a good half hour running around with his crew.  Then finally, he starting hanging out with his girl.  She's super sweet.  

The danced one song together. 

(It took a lot of will and respect to not hide and take a picture of this moment, 
but I just soaked it in and hopefully imprinted it on my brain forever) 

Buddy and his Girl. 

How cool are they?

So stinking cute - after this photo (she requested I take) they went back to their groups and that was it. They did finally play the cupid shuffle near the end and I saw Buddy run out onto the dance floor because he knew it.  Awesome. 

He said he had a great time and wished they would have more dances a year.  And even said, I might go out for the social committee next year. He may be my son after all - an event planner.  : ) 

We are entering a new era in parenting.  It's both terrifying and wonderful. 

Also, the fact that he only has 31 more days of 6th grade left is also terrifying. 

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