Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break Fishing

Spring Break found us once again on the White River trout fishing. 

It's always pretty here, even without leaves.  I think we'd likely not like it as much because you wouldn't get to see these gorgeous sunsets.  

Babe and I took a long walk in the sunshine. I love shadow pictures. How cute is that little hand? 

This was our second year at the Sportman's, between Flippin and Bull Shoals, AR.  
Our cabin was way smaller this year, but we managed. 

Ben has always loved solitude in nature.  He especially loves sitting next to water.  I think he will one day live on a river, lake or ocean.  He fines such peace there.  I need to make a scrapbook pages with all the pictures I have of him sitting next to water.  

Buddy is a rainbow slayer. The Man said he was awesome and I think he had a good time too. 
They didn't catch any browns, though.  

And we didn't keep any of the fish. Last year's catch is still in the freezer, so no need for more. 

I love this tradition. 
I love the White River. 
I like knowing the lay of the land, and where walmart is and all the local necessities.  
We will likely continue to visit for years to come. 

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