Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He's so Talented!

As you've read my Buddy is an athlete. He plays all kinds of sports and is good at them, but that's not all he can do. He can also create ART. Not just kindergarten art, but real ART. Ok, so I'm bias. His school is hosting their Valentine's Party tomorrow and so tonight we make Valentine's.

First, store bought valentines are not an option.
Secondly, I know we shouldn't have waited until the night before, but he hadn't decided on his design and media. Paint, foam, paper? Lots of choices had to me made. Finally he decided on paper cards, a traditional approach.

Using my Cricut and punches, I cut out a lot of hearts and flowers in non-traditional valentine colors. Lots of blues, greens and oranges, verses the pink and red (girl colors). Using my handy-dandy Xyron sticker maker, I was able to make several sticker sheets for him to use. This made the process so easy. All he had to do was sign his name and decorate. He was so proud and they turned out really cute. I hope he has fun handing them out tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day!

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