Monday, February 9, 2009

This is for Grandpa

Yesterday, the Man watched several hours of the PGA tour. It seems like it was on all day actually. Buddy would watch for a little while then go play, come back through and watch some more. The Man actually got out pencil and paper to explain how to keep score in golf, and although Buddy has no concept of negative numbers he did seem to grasp the idea of number of strokes and par. And knowing Buddy, our little athlete extraordinaire, it didn't take him long to head outside with a little golf ball and start his own game.

He came in to eat supper then back outside again. He finally runs in the house and begs the Man to come play HIS golf game with him. So off they go outside at sunset to play golf in the front yard. I followed then had to come back in to get the camera. Buddy had used a stick and dug a little hole in the yard and took one of the pink flags and placed it beside the hole. It was adorable seeing him use his stick and hit the golf ball in this hole. He actually concentrate a few times and putted it right in there. Needless to say, the Man and Buddy had a blast playing golf in the front yard with sticks and the new hole.
***Note: Grandpa bought the pink flags and placed two at each in-ground sprinkler head near the driveway so I wouldn't run over the sprinklers and break them. Just another example of my backing up skills. And yes, that is duct tape you see on the flag. Little Guy had torn the flag off so it had to be repaired. You might be a redneck if...

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  1. Grandpa put those flags there for anyone who was driving in the driveway while the motorhome was parked there. Sarah is just paranoid about backing out of the driveway. I wouldn't say the man is the greatest driver in the world (although he did not hit a flag)