Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Transformation Begins!


I had dreamed of our 3rd bedroom becoming a Scrapbook & Craft Studio, but after living here 4 months it still is a complete mess. At least in this picture there is a path, which is not always the case. So how could I possible get anything accomplished in this mess? I can't!!!

Therefore the transformation is beginning. I'm going to get my act together and my house. I really don't know how to decorate, so I'm at a lose as to what to do. But after visiting Rachel and Jen's houses this weekend, my house looks like..... well, its pathetic.

So here goes.. Project #1...I'm moving all the scrapbooking & craft supplies down to the sun room in neat little cubbies. I'm moving the spare couch, computer and tv up into the 3rd bedroom to create a den for the boys.

In the process
Wish me luck that I don't burn out before this project is complete. I'll use the flylady system and do it in 15 minutes intervals to keep myself charged and ready to go.

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