Thursday, February 5, 2009

What was I thinking?

Late in December, I got ambitious and brainstormed about scrapbooking projects for the month of January. I sat down and choose 6 and posted the list on the door of the scrap room mess.

Let's discuss these....
1. Organizing the mess you saw in yesterday's post has been near impossible until I decided to move the area and get the cubbies, so at least that project is now under construction. -Project Status 1 month delay.
2. Project 365... I'm very happy to say this is happening. I need to work on my album, but thanks to this blog it will be much easier to update the album. :) - Project Status on schedule.

3. M.E. 1 photo/week. I'm not sure this has happened, but I think I got 2 pictures of me for the month of January which is pretty good I think.

4. Trash to Treasure. {Postage Stamp Challenge posted by Donna Downey} Well I have the envelope that I'm going to use, but it has not made it to a layout. And I'll likely not post the layout as it will have my address on it. Its a really funny story though. Its a Christmas card that took 3 people and 3 different ink pens to get my new address on it and sent to me. Maybe I'll scrap about it in June. - Project Status 1 month delay
5. Christmas Ornament Album... I didn't even really try. I did make an index of all the ornaments and the *411 on them. I wanted to take photos of all the ornaments make an album for me and each of the boys. I'm thinking, I'll make the albums some time this year so snapping photos next christmas and putting them in the album will be much easier. Remind me in July if I've started this. - Project Status 11 month delay.

6. Submit to be Published. Didn't happen! End of Story.

So should I brainstorm another list for February???


  1. You was in and i didn't see you. Oh sarah...i am in de vast station mode. oh poo

  2. by the way this is wanda may

  3. Wow Sarah! I'm impressed with your organization!!