Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wow, Wow, Whirlwind!

Today has been a blur with all the things going on. First I thought it was Buddy's turn for snacks at school and quickly got dressed (in something other than what laying on the bedroom floor) and fixed my hair to take his snacks to the classroom. I realize after I get to school that Little Guy doesn't even have any shoes on and it turns out snack day is tomorrow. Oh well, at least they are there.

On the way home, the Man calls and says the Sears guys are waiting at the house. They are early. When have delivery men ever been EARLY.

If you will recalled I mentioned how wonderful our nights stay was at the Hampton Inn on the way back from KY. Well, I got online (I spend way too much time on the internet). and found out that they have custom-made Serta mattresses in all their rooms. You can purchase them online, but you'd have to take out a bank loan to pay for it. So I just daydreamed about it.

The next day, I luckily received at coupon book in the mail from our Sears with a 50% mattress sale on the last page. YAY! I immediately began talking to the Man about it and managed to talk him into going to Sears with me, just to look or lay.

Well, within minutes of laying on the nice display models in the store, the Man agreed we needed a new bed. So behold, we got a new Serta mattress and box spring. I'm soooo happy!It's so tall compared to our old worn out one. Can't wait to sleep on it.

Shortly after getting that all settled, I had to get ready for real (shower) to volunteer at Buddy's school, the Man came home for a long lunch to watch Little Guy. Then I'm back home to do some last minute laundry before the big baseball game tonight, then I'm off to get Buddy from school and back home for finish up the baseball line up, etc and work on a craft project for about an hour. Then it's 5 o'clock, we've got to hustle and get out of here, so I get the Little Guy ready to go, Buddy gets his uniform on and heads outside for some practice in the driveway and I'm getting ready for the game when I hear........


"BUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDY!" I yell as I take off running down our hallway, half dressed. I discover Buddy frozen like a statue in the middle of the driveway with a very blank look on his face. I immediately grab him, "are you all right? what happen? buddy?" He says, "I didn't mean to, honest, I was just practicing grounders, Am I in trouble, Mommy, I didn't mean too"

It's then that I actually discover the baseball size hole in one of the garage door window panes with the spiderweb cracks running from it. OH, NO! It's now 5:05 and I've got broken glass in the driveway, garage and shards still hanging in the window. Quickly, I get dressed and Buddy apologizes. Then we sweep the garage and driveway, Buddy wants to know if he will be grounded, and then I carefully pull all the remaining glass from the window, Buddy apologizes again. I put a box over the window and tape it up, Buddy asks if we have to tell Daddy. Its now 5:20 (we are late), Buddy's really sorry and wants to know How mad I am. I have to stop and laugh. I'm not happy but I'm not mad. It happen, it was accident, we will deal with it later, now we need to roll.

We've been in the house 6 months and this is the first broken window, not bad really. Knowing my kids. 5 more window panes to go.............. Grandpa and Papaw, I'll be calling this weekend for help in replacing the box with some plexiglass.

To the game.... we weren't late, just not early. The opposing team was good. I mean GOOD. All their players could hit and new how to run bases and understood the game a little better than us. But we managed to out score them 24-21. It was a great game and we all had a wonderful time. 3-0 Gotta love it. Home at last and going to sleep on that new wonderful bed! ahhhhh!

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