Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's true we love to camp. I'm not exactly sure why we like it so much, but it's just a great time. I sit and relax and let the kids run around and play. We eat, drink and catch-up with our friends, some of which we hadn't seen since last Memorial Day.
Today, we went for a scavenger hunt and played around the camp site. We brought birthday presents for all the kiddos (as we missed all their bdays), so we had fun playing with their new toys, such as Little Guy's bubble machine. It was a big hit with Little S (whose 2 1/2,) GL (whose 2) and Little Guy.

They had a blast.

Little S is too cute. Her personally is so unique and adorable. She certainly like being dirty this weekend. It suited her just fine.
Speaking of Little S, she brought her battery-powered John Deere Gator. The boys loved it!

Buddy drove it in the ditch several time, once while going backwards, so we had to turn it off. Little Guy was pretty funny too!
Buddy and the Man also went putt-putting and rented a paddle boat at the lake. Little Guy played hours on the playground (which luckily was right next to our sites). Then after dark, Sunshine and her Daddy handed out 60 glow-sticks. Let's just say that was AWESOME!

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