Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

We woke up this morning to a gentle rain, which slowly turned into a shower, then gentle drizzle, then down pour, monsoon, etc., etc.,
All the Men were scheduled to go golfing at the lodge, and like the dedicated men they are, they went. On more than one occasion us, Moms wondered if they really were playing golf or not.

It rained for nearly 12 straight hours. Now, normally the Man and I like rain. It reminds us of WA, but when you've got 8 kids in a camp site with little to no shelter and you want to keep them entertained and somewhat dry is a little bit of a task.

First they played with umbrella's until is started to pour, then we made a small movie theater in one of the shelters and let them watch a movie on the laptop. They even had popcorn.

Next we sat around and started to sing camp songs, but M.E. decided we needed a fire and spent the next 3 hours concentrating on getting one going. I did! When the Men finally returned, they had indeed played 18 holes and were wet dogs, the campsite was a muddy mess, everyone was wet & cranky and quite frankly ready to go home.

But we rallied! We weren't here to marvel at the campground, see the sites, watched movies, or sleep. We were here to see our friends, let our kids play together, make memories that will remain with us until our last days on Earth. The rain, the mud, the misery only makes it more memorable. I know today is a day that Buddy will always remember. So I'd do it all over again just for that!

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