Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome

Having only discovered the nest with the baby birds last week, I was quite distraught today, when the last baby bird tried to fly. It just so happened that I had went outside to move the water hose, when I caught sight of the little bird perched on the edge of his nest. If only I had my camera, so I stood frozen for about 30 seconds and he did it. He jumped and fluttered his wings as he landed on the ground and began hopping around. This time, I sprint in the house for my camera.
The pics are a little fuzzy, as I was using the extra zoom feature on my camera that I really don't know how to use, but I just didn't want to get too close and scare him.
He fluttered and fluttered. He would get about a foot off the ground on his best leap. It was so cool. I was really rooting for him and he didn't really seem that scared of M.E. As I sat in the grass, he was hopping all around M.E. Finally, he made his way to the fence and started fluttering again. And finally he made it to the first rail but could only hang on for about 30 seconds.

After several attempts, I decided to leave him to his flying lessons and begin mourning the empty next.

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