Tuesday, May 19, 2009

L'ill Chef

After school, the Buddy was complaining that he was starving. This is a common theme with him, as he eats more food on a daily basis that I do. I've never actually calculated his calorie intake but I'd guess its abnormal. Anyhow, I told him that if he was "starving" he could got cook supper. I totally thought he'd whine about it, but instead he asked what we were having and I told him lasagna after a few minutes he decided to cook it his self, with my assistance of course.
First, I told him all the ingredients and he collected all of them his self. (I'd browned the gr. beef yesterday and it was just in the fridge).

While he let M.E. warm the ground beef, he grated the cheese.

He cut open the ricotta, dumped it in, cracked an egg, scrambled it (as he would say) and then added that to the cheese mixture. I mixed it for him.
Next he added the Ragu to the warm ground beef and stirred it.
I spooned a little ground beef to the bottom of the dish and he added alittle extra Ragu, then it was time for noodles.

We use the oven ready kind, because its just so much easier and faster. There's love in every layer.

Next we added a layer of cheese mixture then the secret ingredient, but I guess after this post it won't be a secret any more. It'll just become the family recipe.

Pepperonis! I love them and so do the boys. And since I have a 5 lb bag of them in the freeze we can put all the pepperoni we want. He also counted each pepperoni as it put them on. At #26, he next said 28. I said, "uh, Buddy you skipped 27", he replied, "no, I didn't. I'm counting my 2s." and thus he completed counting his pepperonis by 2s. He just so amazing.
We repeated the layers one more time before topping with remaining cheese mixture and a couple spoon fulls of sauce. Buddy got a little carried about with the Ragu, so this is going to be extra juicy. Buddy presents his "50 Pepperoni Lasagna"

Edit: It was delicious!

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