Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Day

Today was field day at school and let M.E. say we are all exhausted. I helped with the tricycle races, which was just hilarious when the big kids got on them. I did however manage to get a few pics of Buddy as he made his way around to all the events. I caught up with him first at the face painting/hair coloring station.

Green-Haired Buddy!

The sun was in his face, so he wasn't looking too happy, but believe M.E., he was having a blast. After this we got to visit for a minute. When I was finally done with my last group of kids, I caught up with him at the water slide. Of course, this is the hit of field day. Its a pretty cool deal. It just an inflatable with water dripping down it and a small pool at the bottom. Although the muddy feet of all the kids had turned the pool dark brown, I tired not to look. GO BUDDY!Pretty cool and fabulous day. All the kiddos were pretty tired and cranky by the time we made it to the ball field for a make-up game. We played the best team in the league and unfortunately they beat us 21-17. They congratulated us though, because we'd given them the best game all season. It was oh, so exciting with so many close plays, home runs, and fast running. The kiddos were completely pooped-out after the game. I'm sure many of them fell asleep on the car ride home. Buddy came close and we were only 2 minutes from home.

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