Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day!

The Day of Remembrance was a day M.E. will always remember. I got pulled over on the highway!

First let M.E. say, I've never gotten a ticket of any kind in my life. I've never even been pulled over for speeding. So in my defence, there is a small (3 or 4 mile) stretch of highway that we travel connecting two major highways on our trip through MO. I had just gotten on this connection and was messing with the cruise control when I saw the trooper. He immediately hit his lights and pulled M.E. over. He clocked M.E. at 71 in a 60. I have a clean record and fortunately it will remain clean. He only gave me a verbal warning.


*eye roll*

Unfortunately, the Man is having a field day teasing M.E. about it.

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