Monday, May 11, 2009

A Story

Approximately 10 years ago, when I was talking my final calculus class of my college career, the professor asks us to introduce ourselves and what it was we planned to do with our education. Being a wisecrack, I stood up and said my name and told him I was going to be a PTO President. The entire class cracked up, but deep down I knew it to be some-what true. Well, today I'm one step closer to accomplishing that goal. I have been asked to become Buddy's school PTA Secretary and tonight is our very first meeting for next year. Yay! I'm really honored and excited about being a part of the PTA and you never know, I might just be the president one day!

Buddy also has his fifth tee ball game tonight. Hope he plays well, but in the mean time we are having a snack.
My love for cereal is most certainly shared by the boys. I think we could all eat our weight in it daily - that is if the Man would let us. But I'm not complaining, its not very healthy, but oh so good - especially with marshmellows.

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