Friday, June 19, 2009

another one bites the dust.

As you know we got a new furnace in February because ours was totally not working properly, and I may not have mentioned it but we got it paid off last month. Yay! So we were totally planning to have a blast in WA next month for our family vacation with a little extra cash.
But its also said, if its not one thing its another. and the other is our refrigerator. This afternoon when we got home from VBS, Buddy went to grab a Popsicle. What he found was juice filled tubes. Ugh! I though well perhaps someone left the door ajar. That's happened before, so we made sure it was closed and when on about our day.
Later in the evening, the Man got a drink of orange juice and it was needless to say very WARM. oh no! So we got the manual out and read up on what we could do. It said clean the coils. OK....

You see the copper tubing running to that little box? That's the water supply to the ice maker and when we pulled the frig away from the wall, we pulled alittle too hard and jinked that tube. It immediately began dripping water. We (the Man, I was taking pictures) proceeded to dust and vacuum the coils until they were clean as a whistle. In the meantime, the water leak wasn't going away. Not knowing where the shut off value was, the Man and I take off the tubing, spraying ourselves and half the kitchen before getting into a bucket. The Man tries to straighten out the kink and then reattach it with the water still streaming out of it. The reattachment was a mess but he managed to get it attached, but it was still leaking. So under the house the Man goes and by the way its now about 11:30 PM. This is when we discover the tubing goes under the floor then right back up in the house under the sink at a nice little convenient shut off valve, which I turned off. ahhh! Its always an adventure.

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