Saturday, June 20, 2009

Overall Good Day!

We were suppose to go black berry picking this morning, but having stayed up half the night working on the frig, we slept in. Then got up and checked the frig.......
STILL WARM! ugh.. We got a repairman to only find out that Frigidaire are notorious for breaking down and he won't even work on one. So why he didn't tell us this when we had him on the phone... I guess he wanted his money. So off to the store for ice to put our food in coolers.
Today was also the Man company picnic and it was a blast for the kiddos. They had inflatables, games, cotton candy, snow cones and it was just a really good day. I left my camera in the car to enjoy running around with the boys and playing boccie ball. I wish now I'd taken some pics, but I enjoyed the day with out having the camera hanging on M.E.

So due to the lack of picnic pics, here a virtual tour of the Man's garden. Tomato plants are nearly taller than M.E.
Near red tomato.
Baby pickle.. too cute!
I'm so proud of him for his garden work.

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