Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Man had an idea....

And that was to get out and enjoy this nice day. The weather here has dramatically went from 102+ degrees to about 88. Ahhhhh! There were no clouds and no humidity today, so we finally got our act together and got out of the house.
The Man found a state park about an hour away with a lake for us to enjoy. The shoreline consisted of nice sandy beaches, so they all went for a swim. Buddy enjoyed the Man throwing him into the air.
Then again...
And again....
The Little Guy stayed close to the shore. I think he was a little intimidated by the vastness of the lake.

Then one more time.
After about an hour, we headed back up to the picnic area where they had a little park for the kids to play. Here's LG on the slide.
And Buddy.
Then LG fell over the side, so Buddy had to carry him to M.E. for comforting.
Then we decide to play corn hole. First the Man and Buddy, then I would play the winner.
LG watches from the back of the van.
The Buddy is too good!

He managed to bet the Man and I both in the first round of play. Then we took a break to grill some hot dogs. Here I'm trying to help Buddy get a cockle bur out of his foot. They seriously hurt and he was having a little fit hopping around on one leg. Not a bad picnic spot, huh?We played one more round of corn hole after supper. The Man beat M.E. so it was up to Buddy to beat him and that he did on a major come back. A couple of kids from another campsite even ventured over to watch Buddy beat his Dad. Let M.E. tell you, Buddy was on cloud nine to have an audience. It was a really great outing. Good idea indeed!

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