Friday, August 21, 2009

Surprise Mommy!

The Man was out-of-town yesterday, so I was without the computer, therefore I didn't upload my pics until today. And guess what I found when I did..... A surprise photo shoot of Buddy and Little Guy.
1) I have no idea when this happened, from the looks of it, I think Wednesday.
2) Where I was and how I missed it, I don't know.
3) And how they were brave enough to use my camera without my approval, I'm guessing must come from the Man's genes.
Photo #1 Features LG reclining, thus letting M.E. know Buddy was the instigator.

Photo #2 Features Buddy, but LG got his finger in the photo. I don't think LG has ever used my camera before so the fact that it turned out this good is not bad. I'm also pleased to see them taking turns. Unusual to say the least.

Photo #3: LG must have saw the photo on the screen and realized his mistake and got a better shoot of Buddy picking his nose.

Photo #4: They switched again. This is so pleasing to M.E. that they are taking turns and so we have LG sucking his finger or biting his nails or something like that. And Buddy zoomed out for more prospective. nice. Photo #5: We can see a glimpse of LG, so this is Buddy taking a pic of our dining room table that is in the living room. For the record, the two non-lite light bulbs are not burned out, I just loosen them so I wouldn't have to pay electricity to burn all 5 when all we really need is three. Does that make sense? Also, those are legos on the floor not bits of food. Ok, well maybe a few of them are bits of food. Photo #6: He gave the camera back to LG and here we have a great shot of Buddy, who is playing with the camera cable. No finger in the shot this time. LG is a fast learner.
Photo #7: LG decided to go for a similar shot but zoom out. He's definitely got talent.

Photo #8: LG capturing Buddy again. What I can't understand, is why neither of them is posing for the other? I would have thought, they would have been woo-hoo we got Mommy's camera let's be silly. But instead they are just capturing their normalcy. Its quite refreshing actually.
Photo #9: LG still got the camera and must have grown tired of capturing his brother, who was obviously watching tv, and got a picture of himself.
Photo #10: He decided to try that again and fill up the frame alittle more.

This concludes the boys' photo shoot of each other. They either got bored with it or heard M.E. coming - I'm not sure, because I apparently missed the whole thing.

But I will say is was a surprise and one that I will cherish.


  1. Too cool.....I especially love the feet shots. Angie A :)