Saturday, December 26, 2009

Enjoying our Gifts!

I'll say it again and probably again and again- it was wonderful not traveling for Christmas.  We all got to sit around, watch football, cook a meal and enjoy are gifts and company.  Don't get M.E. wrong I missed being out at the beach with Grandma and family, and I most certainly missed hanging out with my family and watching the Macy's parade on tv, which I completely missed this year. But it was just nice being with MY family.

Here's what I mean. Watching LG learn how to play his new leapster2.

Taking the time to actually sort our legos before building. 

Enjoying cool Indiana Jones legos.  I must say, they are much cooler than Star Wars ones. They have trap doors and tricks for making quick escape just like the movies.

We are also still loving the snow!

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