Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grand Adventures of the Duck Huntin' Man!

Hey its me; not M.E., but me, the Man. Got up this mornin' and the wind was blowin' about 20 outta the north and the temps hovered around 18 degrees. We planned to hunt at a buddy's pond, and since it was windy, we knew it wouldn't be frozen over. Met out there at 6AM, got ready and heard a bunch of geese honkin' out in the pond so we snuck up on them at first light. We got three, and two are pictured here- he took the other one. My buddy left soon after we shot the geese (black heads), and I shot the ducks: a drake and hen mallard (green head), and two hens and a drake widgeon (green eye-shadow). Got all three widgeon in two shots. That's how I roll.

the honks weighed in at 12 lbs each

drake widgeon here...beautiful

shot the two mallards in two shots, missed the third shot so I didn't get the triple

all of the accessories, and the bounty:

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