Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My December Daily Album

I bet you are just as tired of looking at the Man's ducks as Mamaw, she finally informed M.E. this morning that I needed to update.  

A few weeks ago I posted the beginnings of my December Daily album a mini scrapbook dedicated to the 25 days of Christmas.  I'm usually not a fan of mini albums but this just called to M.E. as this is the first Christmas we are not traveling away from home. yeah!  So here's my first completed pages. Now you've seen most of these pictures, as they have already been on the blog and some of the journaling as well.

I'm sorry the pics are so blurry, since my camera was dropped by LG the lens is wobbly and unless I've got it held just right, it can't focus properly, and there's bad lighting but you get the idea. I'm really going to have break down after Christmas and get a new camera.

December Daily Album Day 1 - before

December Daily Album Day 1 - after

I really wanted to journal each day, but I really liked the simplicity of the photos, large words and number on the main page, so I just added a little extra strip to the left side for my journaling.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I wrote the 'joy, hope, faith, and peace' with a white gel pen which represent the four advent candles in the photo. 

Journaling Reads: December 1 - not only was it the first day of December, but also [Buddy's] first day to be tardy.  We totally forgot it was free dress so we had to return home for a wardrobe change then back to school.  Both boys are really excited about our first advent wreath and lighting the candles each night.  I'm so glad we can have this new tradition!

December Daily Album Day 2 - before

December Daily Album Day 2 - after

With my pic so large of the countdown tree, the boys and I made, I decided to put it on the back of day 1 and use the small 8x6 page right page for journaling, I also added another strip of red paper to straighten out the paisley patterned I'd cut out. And I added a stricker border strip that worked well with all the colors.  My journaling is just bullet points with little stars.

Journaling Reads:  Wednesday Review - [LG] was up half the night with leg cramps, thus we're very tired today for preschool. Quick hobby lobby run before heading back to school for my lunch duty.  The Man and I had our every-other-Wednesday lunch date at Starbucks to discuss presents for the boys and our very late christmas card design.  After school the boys made a Christmas tree count down magnet for the frig.  love it!  [Buddy] had a rough day with having an indoor recess at school and needed to chat about it before going to sleep. it was great communication.   The Man and I watched our favorite show Top Chef on Bravo!

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