Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hobby Lobby + a Friend Over = Lots of Scrapbooking

With no real agenda today, I set down to check out what Hobby Lobby's sale was this week and wow!  Some of my most favorite things were on sale and I needed some things.  You see, I have signed up for my very first online scrapbooking class at  It pretty much is all the same people from the magazine Simple Scrapbooks that when online.  I've read about it over and over, but finally decided as a Christmas present to myself, I'd sign up for a class.  The free and cheap of course. 

Thus, I will be starting the Challenge of Me class with Lisa Day starting Dec. 31 through Jan. 27. I am EXCITED!  So I needed to run to Hobby Lobby for our pre-class assignment. Woo-hoo, this is my kind of homework.  But how can I in good conscience start this awesome project with my December Daily still not finished? hmmm.  I must finish it. Pronto!

So when the Buddy ask for a friend to come over today, I thought yes!  With a friend over, it will keep him and LG out from under my feet and not in front of the tv all day and I can get some stuff done on the album and finish it. Good plan.

While was at Hobby Lobby, I also found the book Scrapbooker's Almanc by Elizabeth Dillow that I've had my eye on and with gift card from my Mom in my purse (from my birthday), the book was mine. Yeah.  Elizabeth is also teaching a class in January at, but it was alittle more expensive.

Long story short. Here's what I got done.

December Daily Album - Day 9 before

December Daily Album - Day 9 After

Day 9 was a clear page protector, which made for a really pretty layout.  It was LG's preschool program pic,  too cute and I added some clear backed snowflake stickers to the page.  On the left I typed out the words to his songs, that he sung for the program.  I also did some Christmas shopping that day, so I put all the receipts in an envelope, added journaling and slipped it into the page protector.  Fabulous.

December Daily Album - Day 10 before

December Daily Album - Day 10 after

First I decided to leave the left side empty, to enjoy the snowflake stickers from this side and to better see the envelope with receipts in it.  Also, I didn't have any pics from this day.  Who knows why, but instead of coming up with something, I decided to write a message to each boy about this Christmas and how much I love them.  And I didn't want to cover up that pretty silver paper, so I traded it out for some  basic red. A simple tag with 10 on it completed the page.

December Daily Album - Day 11 before

December Daily Album - Day 11 after

The Man and I went to his work office party this night and I was really pleased with this pic of us, so I ordered it as an8x10 and used the photo backed with cardstock as the entire page. I skipped a lot of journaling for embellishments. Simple and Perfect. That large flourish is actually an ornament, I got at Michaels for 40 cents. 

I actually got all the way to day 19 finished. woo-hoo, but I'll wait to post them tomorrow. Only 6 days to go. I'm so proud of myself.

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