Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow's Still Here!

Ok, so it snowed like three days and granted it was near 8 inches, but come on already and clean the streets.

The roads are still pretty much a mess today but it didn't stop Grandpa and Nana from heading south for the rest of the winter and M.E. and the boys  heading to Walmart for some  much needed groceries.  The boys already really miss Grandpa and Nana but I know once school starts they will get back into a routine and all will  be well. 
As for M.E. have you ever tried pushing a shopping cart overflowing with groceries and two big boys through a parking lot that still has 3 inches or more of slush on it?  Impossible, even for Super Woman.  I was put-out. I mean really P-U-T-O-U-T.  Clean your parking lots people!!!!!!! You'd think it never snowed in OK the way people are acting. I mean, even in backwoods KY, we clean up after Mother Nature.

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