Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prayer Update

In recent weeks I've mentioned a couple of times about my little cousin Raven who is fighting leukemia at St. Jude - Memphis and I thought some of you might be wondering about her.  Well, she has completed her first round of chemo and has lost most of her hair.  Fortunately, she has been fever free for several days and was allowed 3 days ago to more from the hospital to the Target House for outpatients services.  She has been eating better and has went at least two days without loosing wiegh.  They are really hoping to getting her weight going back up and her immune system to stablize.  Right now, she virtually has none which is making the upcoming holidays hard as no one can be with her but her parents.  Her three younger brothers back in KY have all shaved their heads in support but will not be able to visit her for fear of giving her germs.    EDIT:  On last nights blog post, she was able to leave the Target House for some shopping because her Mamaw and Papaw will be bringing her brothers to Memphis on Saturday to have Christmas.  This was wonderful news.  Thanks for the Prayers. We are all still praying they find a bone marrow match.  And if she crossed your mind please pray for her.

I also mentioned on Friday that one of Buddy's classmates was diagonised with spinal mengingitis.  She had a very rough weekend with hallucinations, high fevers, unconsiousness and many other complications.  Fortunately, the doctors discovered that the majority of her set backs were due to the combinations to her meds and on Monday they took her off everything to detoxic.  This was successful and yesterday she was moved out of ICU and into a regular room.  She has begun to eat and regaining use of alot of motor skills and bodily functions.  Today, we received word that she will be spending Christmas in the hospital and the Man and I have volunteered to cook their Christmas eve supper.  I will know more tomorrow.   Again, we are truely, truely blessed to have two healthy boys and one growing in the womb. 

Thanks for reading and praying!

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