Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Buddy and I go on a Date

Buddy declared yesterday that we needed to have a date, so today after I scrapped alittle, he and I loaded up for an afternoon together.  First we had some lunch at Steak n' Shake one of our favorite places. He had a vanilla shake with french fries and I had a bowl of chili.

Then we headed to the mall to walk around and see the sites.  We so rarely go to the mall, its a big adventure of us and this time we went to the one down south, so it was extra special.  Buddy wound up playing in the play area for about a half hour.  Hey, it was his date to do what he wanted and he had Mommy's undivided attention has he jumped, slid and played on the equipment.  Pretty special.
We did stop in Sears and get him a couple of long sleeve shirts that he picked out.  They were on sale for $5 and they wash and wear so well.
Next we headed to Toys R Us.  As we walk into this store, Buddy has no idea what to do or think.  He says he thinks he's been in a Toy Store before but really couldn't remember.  He was like, the whole store is toys?  Yep, I told him. Wow!  We journeyed all over the store more than once and with his last $20 burning a whole in his pocket, it was a tough, tough decision.  Until he saw some Toy Story Legos of the Army Guys.  Totally perfect.  His favorite part of both movies are the army guys so when we found these he was thrilled.  He got 4 guys, a jeep and accessories.  And he even had money left over, so even better.
Next we headed to JoAnn Fabrics.   Not a Buddy pick but I'm in search of an 8x8 scrapbook that's a 3-ring not post bound.  I've been everywhere and I don't want to have to spend $18 online to order one. So it was worth a shot.  They had some 8x8 but not the right kind.  Oh well, I'll keep looking.
Back home, we settled in to watch some football and eat some pizza.  I loved spending the day with my Buddy and I think he loved spending it with M.E.

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