Monday, January 4, 2010

Ol' Monday Morning

I think I mentioned this before but I've been thinking alot about the blog, my organization, my projects, the boys and the new baby alot lately. Actually its all I've been thinking about. I wake up at 3 AM and think about scrapbook pages I want to make, or the next thing I want to clean.  I don't know if its 'nesting' that I'm experiencing, or a new year clean slate mojo, or I've simple had enough of the way things have been, in which I feel overwhelmed and always behind. 

I discussed most of this with the Man and you know he is a good listener, when we are in the car.  We do some of our best talking in the car. Anyhow, he says I have to keep the blog going and posting everyday or as often as possible. I must keep the name M.E. even though that's no longer my word of the year. 

Did you know that's where M.E. came from?  Last year, I took on the challenge from Ali Edwards (scrapbook celebrity) to choose a word to live by for the year.  As a new stay-at-home mom I wanted to come into this new identity so I chose the word 'me'. Selfish, the Man said, but let M.E. explain.  I wanted to focus on M.E. as this new stay-at-home Mom.  and being a better Mom in general.  Let's face facts up until we moved to OK, I worked alot and saw my kids about 4 hours a day and during which time, I was trying to keep house and stay on tops of things.  So I needed to think about and focus on being a good Mom, thus Mommy Extraordinaire came about.   Just a name.  Well, the Man says its more than that now.  Who knows, but I'm here to stay.  M.E.

My word for this year is going to be PURPOSE. As in when I do something, or want to do something, I'm going to think about its purpose in my life and my family's life.  So its a-go. What's the Purpose?

As for my organization, I've committed to the FlyLady way of keeping house.  And so far so good (its only been one day), but I think I'm going to stick with it and make it happen.  If you aren't familiar, you can get her book, Sink Reflections at most book stores or online at her website  You can even sign up for daily emails about organization and cleaning, but I don't need anything that demanding for now, maybe later.  I also got the Family Organizer calendar by Amy Knapp.  Its a pretty cool calendar with lots of room to plan To-Do lists, menus and grocery lists.  I love list, so its perfect for M.E.

As for projects, I only have two pages to complete in my December Daily album, just need to print pictures.  And I'm well into my Challenge of Me class at  I just hope I don't over do it.  After this class, I'm going to try working on getting a page a week done on any ol random subject. And I would like to work on getting the blog from last year made into a book.  It would be the ulimate scrapbook, wouldn't you say!  And it would serve a great purpose, as a historical document of our lives. Fabulous.

Well, I'd better go for now.  Tune in tomorrow for a TOP TEN PHOTOS OF 2009!   The Man and I are going to narrow it down and want you - my fabulous readers to vote on your favorite and have your family and friends vote. We might even choose a random voter to win a gift card of some sort. Who knows what I've got up my sleeve.

Happy Monday!

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