Monday, January 11, 2010

December Daily Album

First of all the contest was awesome. The Man and I have had so much fun looking over the pictures and comments again and again.  We will definitely be hosting some sort of new contest soon. Perhaps it'll be about the baby. Boy/Girl. Sounds like fun?

Now I'd like to update you on my December Daily Album where I left off last week.

December Daily Day 16 - before

December Daily Day 16  - after

This was a baseball card holder day and I really didn't have memorbilia to store in the pockets, so I just sliced my photos to the appropriate size to fit in the pockets. A super simple solution and easy layout.

December Daily Day 17 - before

December Daily Day 17 - after

Today was Buddy's Christmas program at school.  The highlight of the day, as I've already blogged was his tie.  Too funny.  Again this was a simple layout. I just put a journaling card and photo on the left and the group shot of him with his class on the right.

December Daily Day 18 - before

December Daily Day 18 - after

I thought the vintage paper and look of the before day 18 didn't really go with the photos I had for this day, so I swapped it out for some really cool snowflake cut paper. It's really fabulous paper, this pic doesn't do it justice.  This was the day that I baked for Buddy's Christmas party and the day we had the meningitis scare.  So I simply cut and pasted that blog entry into word and printed it out.  Its hard to see in the pic, but under the pretzel picture it says 'life here' and the story is underneath it. Also hard to see is the title "I [heart] Baking", which I do by the way.

December Daily Day 19 - before

December Daily Day 19 - after

As I've already blogged, this was Grandpa's birthday, so we headed to OKC to the National Memorial. I really wanted to have more than one of the photos from this day in the album, so I adhered them so they would flip up, instead of having multiple pages.  Here's a closer view of the what I'm talking about.

Close Up Day 19 after

Simple circle tags, give the info for that photo and lets you know to flip for more.

More December Daily to come....

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