Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Up-To-Date

As I've stated before I will be continue to get you informed of the goings-ons around here from day to day, but so far I've not done a very good job, so here's a major recap of the last week or so. 

But let M.E. say this. I'm exhausted. LG has been getting up in the night several times for what ever reason, I'm not sure, and on top of that I've been waking up at 2:45 and can not return to sleep.  I've been laying awake trying to be patience with myself and remind myself that in little over three short months I will be up with a newborn at this same hour, so I should get used to it.  As for LG, the Man will have to step up and get him back to sleep. 

Also, my mind and body have also gone into full "nesting" mode. A little early I think, but all I can think about our projects both large and small, both creative and non, both necessary and not.  It's somewhat exciting because I am getting so much done and having fun along the way and watching my own success if refreshing.  I'm also trying to focus on PURPOSE.  It's slow, but coming.  More on this in the weeks to come.

So for a recap.....last Thursday, I took down the Christmas tree and all the decorations leaving our wonderful Christmas cards. But my Friday I decided that I needed to take them down, but I wanted a plan first.  I didn't want to bundle them up and stick them in a box/drawer somewhere and I never through cards away - I just can't do it.

It just so happened that Ali Edwards was dealing with the same issue and discussed it on her blog which lead M.E. to go ahead and take the cards down, cut them up and scrap them.   It doesn't perserve the entire card and emotion attached to each one, but at least I have a piece of the love they were sent with.  And all the cute faces on the photo cards that are so popular now days. 

I tried to get these side by side but bloggers not letting that happen.  So what do you think?  I can't believe that I actually took them down and created this and put away in my album all in about an hour.  I just did it!  I didn't over think it, plan it, I just let it happened and perhaps I'd do it differently if to do over, but I'm not going to think about that a second. Its done and in an album. Hooray for M.E.!  See I said this nesting thing is helping M.E. get things done. 
Quick and Simple.  I cut a 2x2 inch square from each card or photo. If I needed to get more of the faces, I cut it 2x4, so it would all still come together evenly.  The more I look at it the more I love it. 

Saturday, we got up and out early for Buddy's basketball game and team pictures.  I didn't manage to get a team photo as I was trying to keep LG from escaping the building.  And I took about 8 pics during the game, but my camera just wouldn't cooperate with M.E.  All the pics were so blurry and out-of-focus, they might as well have been playing ice hockey.  Here's the only descent on I got.

Buddy again only got to play one quarter and wasn't happy about it, but it really wasn't that big of deal as we got totally creamed.  28 to 8. It was ugly. The Man could bare take the defeat standing.  He was so disappointed and it wasn't that we are super awful. Granted we have a very low scoring percentage, hince only scoring 8 points, but the other team have some star shooters. One kid hit every single shot he made. Buddy none.
It was a long afternoon.  The Man and Buddy brewing over what went on, which lead to the major purchase of an month early birthday present for Buddy.

I didn't even ask how much he spent. I just agreed it was a necessity.
And I think I've felled to mention it was like 2 degrees here Saturday. Literally 2 degrees. We have not been about freezing in a couple of weeks.  My washing machine - which is in the garage - actually froze up. ugh, but that's another post.
Here the Man and Buddy brave the cold for a few minutes to work on the goal assembly.

They could only work in 10 minute intervals because it was so cold.

I really like this one of their heads together.  They actaully worked pretty well together. Buddy was really into it and was a good listener and the Man was very patience.  Although I was playing in my scrapbook room the whole time. I heard no argueing during their warm up breaks.

Sunday we went to church then out to eat. There's this place called Jimmy's Egg and they have the most yummy food.  Then home to so the Men could work on the goal some more.  Its a little warmer today. About 20 degrees, so they actually got to work for a couple of hours, up until we headed over to our friends house to eat supper and watch the playoffs.  What a game between Green Bay and Arizona.  We rush home so I could tally the votes for the Photo of the Year and announce the winner.  That was too fun.

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