Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Basketball

Last night we had a cubscout event to go see a local college team play basketball.  I actually think LG was more excited than Buddy.  We had Zman and his family over for dinner prior to the game, so Buddy was more interested in playing than anything. 
 *** Side note:  While Buddy had company over, he got a little wild and wound up throwing a wooden building block at LG, hitting LG in the mouth.  This in turn cause LG to bite and he put his right bottom canine tooth completly through his bottom lip.  Blood was gushing and when I finally got him calm enought to clean it and look at it, I could nearly see light through the hole.  Having experience similar situations with Buddy (he put his bottom front teeth through his lip three times already), I just gave him a cold wash cloth which he carried around for an hour then he was fine.

We had a really good time at the game.   Buddy quickly gathered with his gang.

They were all so cute in their uniforms.

And of course, Buddy was really into it.  We hadn't been to a college game in nearly two years, so it was a big treat.  I really wish I had more pics, especially of LG standing on the bleachers dancing everytime they played music.  It was too funny.  He really had the crowd going. 
But unfortunately the camera officially died.  I zoomed way out to get a pic of some cheerleaders and then it wouldn't retract or anything and wound up shutting itself down.  Now it won't even come on.  Its completely done. I'm so bummed. Its so strange not having my camera.  I feel almost lost without it.
The Man's bonus won't be here for another 3 weeks, so I'll have to wait before purchasing a new one.  So the fate of the blog is unknown at this time.  I think I'll be borrowing a camera from Zman's family. They are really into technology and have extras, so I can contine to capture our everday life and games and such.  Just bare with M.E. through this transition.

Today, I spent the entire afternoon scrapping.  I'm on such a roll.  The Man felt like a scrapbook widow today, as he only saw M.E. when I came out to eat lunch and supper.  I can't wait to show you what I've got done, but its a suprise for now, so you'll have to wait, plus I ran out of adhesive.  I'm heading to Hobby Lobby tomorrow anyway, so I can't get some.

Now off to watch the Golden Globes.

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