Saturday, January 16, 2010


Buddy's game was at 8AM this morning, so we had to rise and shine pretty early.  I managed to get everyone motivated and out the door by 7:20, so we could stop for donuts.  I just wasn't up for cooking this morning.
I didn't manage any pictures at the game, because I was busy with LG and my camera is just a pain in the neck these days, so I decided I'd rather just watch the game.  We did really good today on defense.  The team we were playing was rumored to be really awesome and that we would get totally creamed, but we managed to stay with for the first two quarters and went into half time trailing 6 - 8.  Our boys are really catching on and they did pretty good staying on their man and getting in their faces quite a bit.  Buddy got to play 3 quarters and thought he was a super star.  One of the opposing players was really, really good and continually time after time stole the ball from our players as they were dribbling down the court.  Well, this didn't set well with Buddy, so he started "trying" the do the same thing and make these big plays, but instead he would wind up whooshing passed his man, leaving him wide open to take a shot.  And beleive M.E. they rarely missed.  We wound up losing 18 - 8.  Not too bad compared to some of the other games.  And the Man was in a better mood today as well.
Back at home the Buddy headed outside.

He is in love with the new hoop.

I love the concentration and his seriousiness.

I can already tell he will be spending lots of time doing just this.

We should have done this a long time ago.

Hopefully by the end of the season (3 games left) we will be able to win another one.

I scrapped most of the afternoon. I started a new project even thought I'm not done with my project of M.E. class. I'm waiting on getting some more photos developed, so I went ahead with a new project.   I'm just so motivated and happy with my room, that I can't stay out of there.  And with the tv in there, the boys are happy or rather prefer to spend time in there with M.E. either watching Spongebob or playing legos.  Its quite nice actually. 

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