Friday, January 15, 2010

Typical Friday

I spent all morning at Midas getting the oil changed, tires rotated and headlight bulb replaced.  I really don't mind this though, because it gives M.E. a chance to sit and relax and read.  Today, I walk down to the library as the temps were in the 50s and really foggy.  So it was a nice scroll.  I took some of my scrapping magazines with M.E. so while I flipped through them, I could write down what I liked to scraplift.  I got alot done before it was time to go get the van. 
Back at home I got caught up on my daily chores and ready to pick up the boys.  While sitting in the pick up line, I was listening to the afternoon announcements and realized that Tuesday at school is pajama day.  For most families this would not pose a problem, but for Buddy, who doesn't wear pajama it does.  I called the Man to see if he was home yet, and wanted to go to Target for some pajamas.  He was did, so after school, we picked up the Man and headed to Target and got some cool football pajamas.  Awesome. 
After that the Man and Buddy worked on the basketball goal some more.  They finally got it up and ready for hoops about 8:30.  Buddy got to shoot baskets for about 15 minutes before we made him come in and go to bed - big game in the morning.

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