Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Project!

I currently have about one dozen project in some stage of completion, from a recipe card, to supplies gathered, to assembled, to a work-in-progress and I don't need anymore.  I vented about this a few days or weeks ago, I think.

Anyhow. Having such success with my December Daily album and love, love, loving it.  I really wanted to do another month and preferably before the baby comes, so I was thinking March, but then it occured to M.E. that February would be better because of Buddy's birthday.  Well, February 1st came and went and its currently the 11th and I've managed to take a photo a day but not document anything, no supplies are gathered, no real idea for the album..... ugh!   instead of going ahead or quiting completely, I was inspired today from Ali Edwards, where else, to do a detailed Week in the Life - mini album for Buddy's birthday week.  And I'm not really concerned that today is Thursday, because it'll perfectly sandwich his birthday, which is Tuesday, in the middle of the mini-album. 

Ahhh! I love having good ideas and being motivated to do them.  So today, I began documenting his morning routine, breakfast, showering, getting off to school, our conversation in the short drive there.  I'll be making 8.5 x 11 layouts along with the baseball card page protectors to document this week - our routines, snipes of daily life, reciepts, and hopefully capture all things Buddy, so he can have extra memories of turning 7. 
This is also the perfect thing for M.E. because I've discovered I'm a 'moment' scrapbooker, not an 'event' scrapbooker, so this is a much better way for M.E. document Buddy birthday and his special days, than with a boring dull birthday layout.

More on this as it evolves. I'm so excited.

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