Thursday, February 11, 2010

I procrastinate!

9 Simple Solutions for Procrastinators
by Christine Kane

1 - When you get an idea, do some little thing to begin.
Got an idea? Begin it now! Don’t over think it! Even if its just writing it down on a scrap piece of paper. Make a commitment to the idea.

2 - All hail small chunks of time!
Learn to use the spare half hour that comes up here and there. We all have them, use them.

3 - Agree to do it badly.
Set a goal to show up and get something done. Let go of doing it ALL, or doing it WELL, any step toward a goal is a step worth taking.

4 - Commit aloud.
Tell someone what you are going to do and do it! Be accountable.

5 - Define quantities.
Set realistic goals! Not, "I'm gonna get my office organized", but “I’m gonna file some papers” Define the goal and acknowledge its completion.

6 - Realize Less is More.
Have no more than three priorities for a week.

7 - Do it first.
Write today’s goal down, somewhere convenient and noticeable first thing the morning. It makes your day easier because you're not wasting energy thinking about this thing you're supposed to be doing.

8 - Avoid Time-Wasting activities.
Email, voicemail, web sites, blogs – Define times for these activities, so they don’t suck you in and waste your day.

9 - Don't second guess yourself.
Make your decision the night before. Commit to getting up with a goal for the day. If it's a priority, don't waste time second guessing if today’s the day. Just make it happen.

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