Saturday, February 6, 2010


Another lose for the home team. Although our kids played really well today, I am so proud of their improvement on defense. 
Buddy played the second and fourth quarters and it wasn't until the fourth that they were shooting on the goal closest to the bleachers, so I with my borrowed camera, I was posed and ready to get some final great shots of Buddy playing basketball. 

Moments after this shot, LG spills over half of his gaterade on the floor, so I have to abandon picture taking to run to the bathroom for some paper towel and clean up this huge mess.  ugh!  I managed on other blurry picture before the end of the quarter.  double ugh! 

Buddy did really good though he scored 6 points (a season high) and got kicked in the nose.  I seriously thought it was going to gush blood, but it didn't.  He shed a few tears, I even went out onto the court to check for myself.  Afterwards it looked alittle bruised and swollen, but now it seems fine.  Who knows what it'll look like in the morning or after he gives it a good blow.  He's just loves scrapping for loose balls. 

We may or maynot have a game next week.  Its a make up game from the snow last week and the its also a 4-day weekend for most catholic schools so the other team doesn't think it'll have enough players, so we'll see.  Either way, the Man and Buddy are already thinking BASEBALL!

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