Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Photos of the Last Week

This week was spirit week at school. 
I worked for several days getting the Buddy's classroom door ready to go.  I can't not volunteer.

The theme was dividends for life, in meaning that your catholic education will also continue to help you through out life, so I made the school 'today' the rainbow is each students hand with their name and picture on it, and then the pot of gold is 'tomorrow'.  Each piece of gold is label with how each student plans to use their education. 
Buddy wants to be a rocket scientist and study Pluto!  This is a brand new interest of his, since I got him this rocket alarm clock that displays the time and a photos for space on the cieling. 
(Yep, Grandpa, I finally got it to work)
It displays a picture of earth, the moon, the first moon walk and the planets.  His favorite is the planets and when we talked about Pluto being considered a planet when we were in school, but now its not, he's become very intergued.   Awesome!

Wednesday was tie day (I wrote about the tie adventure already).
Here's the infamous tie and the salute. Totally something Sman would do.

He actually managed to wear it all day!  I totally thought it'd be crammed into the bottom of his backpack by days end.

Friday was the parent reception to thank us for supporting the school and sending our kids there. 

I can not deny he is my son. We look so much alike.  I think this might be my new favorite pic of us.

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